The dream to infuse life into the spirit of one of the most extraordinary brands of watchmaking history is now a reality.

“We want to vigorously reassert Waltham's free spirit, because we believe that making unconditional choices is the greatest value a real man can have; the highest form of exploration and discovery in modern times”.

Antonio DiBenedetto is the entrepreneur and current President and CEO who, with vast experience in the world of luxury and jewelry, and a passion for watches, wants to celebrate Waltham’s former glory and create high-tech, cutting-edge wrist watches that will instill today's men with the courage to choose and dare to follow their convictions. The same courage that drove the innovative and extraordinary spirits of the legendary men who were key figures in the greatest achievements of the past 160 years.

“The true spirit of the Waltham brand is nonconformity. To the unique characteristics of the brand – innovation, precision and bold angular design - we are adding exclusive details, quality finishing, and a mixture of unusual, advanced technological materials”.

The vision of Antonio DiBenedetto was clear. He knew he must shape the modern expression of the Waltham legacy. That is why he focused on the design concept and development, to make the new watches unique as their legendary forefathers. He meticulously selected the mechanical movements and their particular functions. He primly choose the high-tech productions materials, to combine them into high-end objects.

“Waltham today means wrist watches that are icons of contemporary luxury for men, without affectation or ostentation. A mold-breaking luxury that perfectly represents the spirit of the brand, and guides us as we make our watches."



The watches displayed on this WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY SA official website are the only available at selected Exclusive Boutiques.

That is why you’ll never find an original Waltham time piece of the new Aeronaval Collection sold online, except for the Exclusive Boutiques own websites licensed by WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY SA.

We invite you to refer and visit your nearest Waltham’s Exclusive Boutique.



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WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY SA is a high-end watch manufacturer with offices in Switzerland - center of world excellence in clock and watch production - and a leader in precision mechanical watchmaking for the past 160 years.

Since 1850, the legendary American brand has been setting modern standards for the mass production of clocks and watches, and has over one thousand patents in the sector.

Our offices are based in Switzerland. The headquarter is based in Mendrisio (CH) /Switzerland.