Quality and innovation



Today, the American System of Watch Manufacturing invented by Waltham is powered by Swiss production excellence and methods. These have been developed and improved upon over more than one century on the basis of Waltham's original industrial concept. The renown Waltham technological ingenuity serves the same purpose as in the late 19th century: constant innovation and consistent high quality.

The scientfically built watch.

Technical developement


By designing, developing and manufacturing our watches in-house our engineers and watchmakers control the entire watchmaking process. This is a guarantee of horological innovation, excellence and quality.



Our latest generation machines, our engineering know-how and the manufacturing methods we have developed over more than a century assure top grade production and finishing quality. Waste is minimised and we operate an energy efficient and sustainable production system.

Our watches are made from certified materials of the highest quality and durability.

T1, T2 and T3


After each component has been produced, our watchmakers assemble each timepiece by hand in our workshop. There is no substitute for watchmaking talent and experience in this phase of the watchmaking process.

Quality control


Your watch undergoes quality checks along the entire production process, starting from the raw material until the finished watch. Controls are rigorously carried out after each operation.

They include spectrometric and x-ray test for material composition analysis; dimensional tests using optical, CMM and bench instruments; aesthetic checks at every stage until the final shipping; air sealing and water-resistance tests; functional tests; movement tests and strap resistance tests.

If only one quality control step is not passed the cycle has to restart from the beginning, because only the excellence is permitted.

Your Waltham watch comes with a 5 year international warranty.