Your watch carries a 5-year international warranty for manufacturing defects from the date of purchase, unless specified differently in the product landing page. This warranty does not include the strap, the crystal and the battery.

The watch is considered to be defective if it is damaged upon receipt or if a manufacturing fault is reported in accordance with and within the warranty period of the product in question

The warranty is explicitly not applicable in the following cases:


  • damage due to normal wear and tear and aging of the watch;
  • damage resulting from maintenance, repairs or disassembly not performed by an after-sales service center approved by us;
  • damage due to non-compliant use of the watch, like, but not limited to, poor treatment, misuse, negligence, recklessness and deterioration caused by the use and handling of products in improper conditions such as violent physical – shock, crushing, violent handling of the clasp…;
  • damage due to transport and delivery;
  • damage due to moisture which could have entered the watch following a handling error (for example, the crown not being correctly in place);
  • any watch with signs of impact or shock on the glass or the body);
  • the proof of purchase (receipt, proof of transfer…) is missing;
  • the serial number engraved on the case is illegible or has been falsified.

If you experience any malfunction or manufacturing defect upon reception of your watch, please inform us immediately at attaching a picture illustrating the issue and a short description of the problem. We will then follow-up with you and carry you through our simple repair and warranty process.

Requests for a warranty repair or a repair, even in cases requiring replacement, will not prolong the original warranty period. Warranty repairs can be only carried our by us or by our approved service centres. Repairs or modifications carried by any other third party will void the warranty.

In case of a warranty repair, the shipping costs from you to us are covered by you and the return shipping costs from us to you are paid by us. In case of a normal repair all shipping costs are paid by you.

The warranty terms of Goods not produced by us will be the ones of the Manufacturer of those goods. We are not responsible for warranty repairs or normal repairs for those goods. We will inform you for the right counterpart to contact to obtain your repair.

To signal a warranty case please email us at mentioning your order number and describing the defect, if possible attaching images.

Please also refer to our general terms & conditions.